WORKSHOP October 6th & 7th | Phoenix, az

The Golden touch workshop
Your immersive signature Facial protocol, Mindset Mastery, SCULPTING facial Massage, dermaplaning, manual extractions, & selling retail 
aesthetician Hands-on training workshop

Learn the facial protocol, mindset, techniques + tactile, hands-on skills that helped me build a 7-figure luxury solo facial practice with a loyalist, golden clientele! Leave with your own customized protocol, a high performance facial kit, new headshots & the insights I've gained over my 17 year career as a Licensed Aesthetician.

If you work in the Aesthetics Industry, you know how important it is to advance your skillset and offerings. But creating advanced protocols can be challenging. Once you learn The Ageless Facial, you’ll unlock techniques that will transform your approach and leave you with a collection of new skills to share with your existing clients,
+ attract new GOLDEN CLIENTS!

spots are extremely limited!!!

“I'd been following Ashley since 2020 before I attended this training. Her knowledge and her intentions and the amount of care she put into this workshop is the real deal. Just being in her presence, it's clear to see that she embodies and exudes everything she is teaching and that she wants to share openly with everyone. This workshop is nothing short of spectacular! All of the details, being around like-minded Aestheticians, and every little thing that she planned out for this experience has just been absolutely amazing. My favorite part was watching Ashley in action as she guides us through her protocol. The amount of care and the thoughtfulness she puts into every step is very expansive. How she does everything and her intention behind every technique, the tools that she uses, why she uses them and her sharing her knowledge and then the additional perks of the photographer doing headshots for us, the chef teaching us how to cook a healthy meal – it's been amazing!"

Cinthya williamson

“Ashley was my Mentor before I attended this training and I just knew I needed to meet her in-person to further the skills that I learned from her virtually. I wanted to get some hands-on skills from her! The 2-day workshop experience is nothing short of amazing, every detail is on point and I learned so so so much! The best part is the collaboration with the other students sharing their knowledge, and then of course Ashley sharing all of her incredible knowledge and her skills with us as well."

Melanie Proffitt

“I was introduced to Ashley by her apprentice, Tallie who I went to Aesthetics School with and then I joined her 2024 Mastermind Superpower Your Solo Practice. When I found out that she was offering hands-on training, I jumped at the opportunity! The value of what she's offering in this workshop is so incredible. I couldn't pass this up. From the very start of the experience to the headshots, to the cooking class, and then to actually have Ashley's hands on mine, literally guiding me through the protocoled facial and her facial massage - I was on cloud 9! I used to be a teacher and I was like a little kid being able to attend this class! I was so excited and I couldn't wait to be a part of this experience. I got here right when the doors opened up and then throughout the experience I was just immersed in knowledge. I feel SO much more confident in how I can grow my business now. Having Ashley's touch on my hands was my favorite part of this experience!”

Ariana Munoz

Detailed Agenda, Resource Kit,
& Travel Guide Provided After You Sign Up

Day 1
October 6th


8am // mindful morning practice + theory

9am-6pm // hands-on training all day

12pm //  lunch provided + mastermind

6pm // gourmet glow celebrity chef cooking class experience 

day 2
October 7th

8am // professional headshots

9am-6pm // hands-on training all day

12pm //  lunch provided + mastermind

5pm // award ceremony

“Ashley is literally the reason I went to Esthetics school and offering her facial has been everything I ever dreamed of when becoming an Esthetician! Having her hands on mine during training was the most memorable day of my career."

Valerie Morales

“I discovered Ashley when I was still a student, I was instantly drawn to her personality. She's incredibly genuine and she puts her heart and soul into everything and it shows. I'm so happy I did this 2-day workshop. Every detail was thought of, I was actually blown away. I can't say it enough how grateful I am that I found Ashley because it's not every day that a successful Aesthetician wants to share and pass along the knowledge that got them to where they are. Her transparency in the industry is unmatched. From the moment I walked into the training, it was amazing – all of the details, from the facial kits to the products, to the cooking class teaching us how to make healthy foods, I mean I'm just blown away honestly. How Ashley treats her clients in the treatment room is how I felt going through this workshop. I feel like I was treated like a Golden Client. I feel like I'm going to be so much more confident in my offerings now and also change the way I approach my business from now on. I feel way more empowered on my journey. I'm so inspired!”

Christine Porcher

“This protocol is NEXT-LEVEL! Ashley’s comprehensiveness and the value that she brings to her clients — she’s offering that and more to us in this Golden Touch Workshop Experience, which is exactly why I signed up! Ashley has a very similar vibe to me when it comes to caring for my clients and has created an amazing age management protocol that focuses on the synergy of clinical aesthetics and luxury, leaving the skin and body renewed, restored, and enlightened. I’ve admired how she has built her business based off this incredibly thought out protocol and I jumped at the chance to soak it all in from the creator herself. The experience was amazing, so much information, I felt very taken care. Ashley is very attentive and made me feel like I’m set up to succeed. My favorite part was receiving the Ageless Facial and being around other passionate aesthetic professionals is truly so fulfilling for me, no matter the level of work experience. Witnessing newer estheticians with their bright eyed excitement to the field also re-ignites my own flame. Listening to other more seasoned estheticians and their view points on the skin also expands my way of critical thinking. The priceless benefits of being open to receive different perspectives and the permission to adapt them as your own IS how you elevate in the this industry. We all learn from someone. Even if I am considered a ‘vet’ in the industry, my technique constantly transforms. I’ve been lucky enough to grace Ashley’s LUX space as a client and now as a “Golden Touch” certified facialist. We got personalized awards and everything at the completion of the workshop!”

Kendra Price

I've meticulously designed this workshop to guide you through learning not just the science of client satisfaction but the ART of your facial protocols, ethically selling, getting your mind right, marketing your menu, generating karmic revenue, + everything in-between. My goal for you is to manifest a practice and a unique signature protocol that's not only aligned with the latest trends but that is also a true reflection of your most authentic self + offerings.

What can you expect?


A full eight hours each day of comprehensive, hands-on facialing! You will get a deep dive into all of my protocol routines, including how to customize the protocol to every different skin condition and concern.


I will teach you my step-by-step 
signature facial protocol including massage, dermaplaning, extractions and use of various peels & modalities that will keep your clients coming back for more!

A photographer / videographer will film + photograph you as you are trained and take several professional headshots of you on the  first day of training.


I will map out how you can personally unblock your limiting beliefs surrounding money and selling based on your lived experiences shared in our daily round-table mastermind.

We will also learn how to create easy, healthy, nutritious meals after a long client day from a celebrity chef on Sunday night!


You will define your own artistic touch and leave with a signature protocol of your own that will allow you to breathe your brand through everything you learn from me. You will receive a crystal glass award to showcase upon completion!


“Any esthetician would be lucky to be trained by Ashley. Ashley teaches you how to make your treatments a truly amazing experience for your clients. Since my training with Ashley clients have been blown away by the services that I am offering and the attention to detail in each treatment. Clients regularly tell me “that was the best facial I’ve ever had”. Since working with Ashley my hands on skills have improved and I feel so comfortable in the treatment room. Ashley also covers how to communicate efficiently with clients. Ashley doesn’t “gate keep” any information and truly wants her mentees to succeed.”

Tallie Belluomo

“Ashley has provided aesthetic training in my medical spa practice on two occasions over the past several years for my team of Aestheticians. I was a client of hers - traveling from North Carolina - and was so impressed by her knowledge, techniques, and philosophy, and knew my staff would benefit from her expertise as well. The training experience Ashley provided us was elevated in every sense of the word and included marketing and social media strategies along with education and applications for beginners and advanced level practitioners. Her teaching “personality” is professional, personable, and patient. I recommend Ashley very highly.”

JUlia Fox


"I adore Ashley and the light and inclusivity she brings to the Aesthetics Community. Education, education, education!”

Shelly Chaplin

What's included in the price

professionally curated performance facial kit

You'll receive a kit with all of the products  and supplies you need to perform my signature, protocoled facial! This will be a collection of my favorite professional backbar products from various brands and they will all be retail size. Option to have this shipped to you at no additional cost after the training will be available.

Breakfast + lunch both days + cooking class

Coffee, tea + french pastry bar both days. We will be eating lunch with gluten free, vegan options together at a large round table and having an intimate mastermind each day. On Sunday, we will travel to a nearby kitchen for a cooking class hosted by a local celebrity chef! 

5 professional headshots

There will be a professional photographer/videographer coming on Monday morning to film and photograph all of us performing part of the facial as well as collecting professional headshots from everyone! These will be provided to you once they are touched up and delivered to me after the event.

You'll receive a personalized Crystal Glass Award upon completing the workshop

… because just another certificate wouldn't cut it!

Learn how to cook a gut healthy, skin friendly meal to make for yourself and your family after a long client day from celebrity Chef
- Danielle bruno - 

Once you're trained by me, you're family,
and you'll be added to my exclusive

This is a resource I created to give to my clients who move away and loyal followers all over the world – to make sure they can find a provider near them who I have given my stamp of approval to for a Golden Experience.

Let’s talk little details

Do i need to have hands on facial experience?

You should either be in Aesthetician School and in the practical portion of schooling or have an Aesthetician License!

what will be provided?

A premium facial kit with full sized backbar products + supplies, lunch both days, 5 professional headshots, and a very special healthy meal-prep cooking class on Sunday night hosted by a celebrity chef!

If i don’t own a business yet, can i still attend?

No matter where you are along your journey, you are welcome. My doors are open and you belong here. <3

How many people will be attending?

A maximum of 12 attendees. This will allow me to give individual training as we work through the value packed agenda.

Can i share photos from the workshop?

Absolutely! The images you collect from our time together are all yours, however video will be prohibited. The training will be recorded and available for you to access virtually in the future. You will be able to share photos from the training on social media, feature them on your website, or frame them for a favorable memory feature in your clinic!


“Having Ashley in person at our clinic in Montana was incredibly helpful! She was thorough in her the knowledge she provided us- using written, hands on, and verbal training platforms to make sure everyone would absorb the material. The most valuable asset Ashley provided me, as the Lead Esthetician, is how to use what we currently have in backbar and retail to properly provide the most luxury experience for our clients while bringing real results to the skin. Since having Ashley in our practice, we have created the most luxury and bespoke experience in Missoula."

Kristen Willert
Lead Licensed Aesthetician
Bespoke Medspa

This two day training is where your passion meets purpose. My teachings transcend the confines of brand specific education and go deeper into the essence of true creativity, wisdom and intuition in the treatment room.

I have nearly two decades of hands-on experience, and I've not only witnessed the evolution of the industry but I've also been a pivotal part of it's growth. This is not just another course;  it's a new path to embodying your fullest potential + talent. 

I've meticulously designed this workshop to guide you through learning not just the science of client satisfaction but the ART of your facial protocols, ethically selling, getting your mind right, marketing your menu, generating karmic revenue, + everything in-between. My goal for you is to manifest a practice and a unique signature protocol that's not only aligned with the latest trends but that is also a true reflection of your most authentic self + offerings.

So whether you're refining your techniques, or exploring new horizons, this workshop has inside of it everything you need to become your most magnetic self as a provider. 

This will be an intimate training of only 8 people, and you'll have plenty of 1 on 1 access to me throughout your time training (and beyond!).
Your investment in yourself is a direct investment into the evolution of our industry.

October 6th & 7th | phoenix, az

The ageless Ashley
Facial Workshop


*Ticket price bumps up to $2,999 soon!